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2022 Hair Trends


Hottest Hair Trends of 2022

The hottest hair trends of 2022 will include blunt bangs. They will provide a refined, sleek look but require high maintenance. You can also choose a heavier version for a more dramatic look. Campbell predicts heavier straight across blunt bangs this year. You can even get the hairstyle in a pastel hue, such as Nectar blonde.

Baby braids

Baby braids are a cute, easy to style hairstyle that works on almost every texture and length. They’re ideal for adding a cute accent to your summer hairstyle. They can be worn in many different ways, ranging from casual and dainty to grungy and boho.

Soft summer bangs

Soft summer bangs are a great way to add a touch of femininity to your look. They are versatile and look great on all types of hair. They are perfect for festival season, a day at the beach, and even brunch dates with your date.

Shaggy haircuts

The modern shag has a lot of texture and is choppy, rather than the hairstyle that came to prominence during the 80s. The shag style is versatile and can be worn by women of all ages. Take a look at the images below to see the most popular shag hairstyles of recent years.

Nectar blonde

Nectar blonde is a beautiful shade of blonde that combines brightness and subtlety. It has the same vibrancy as platinum blonde, but with a softer, more golden tone. It is a luxurious colour that is easy to maintain, and is particularly suited to light skin.

Pixie bob with long parted bangs

Long parted bangs on a pixie bob cut look wavy and romantic. Women with curly hair will benefit from long waves, which are easier to manage than straight waves. Curly hair is also easier to style with waves that have texture. This hairstyle can be tried by women in their 20s who like unique cuts. This short hairstyle can be worn with any type of clothing, including a casual one. It is easy to maintain, but it requires daily styling. To get the desired effect, you can add some braids on the top and side. You can even add a crown braid to the top.

Tousled lob

The tousled lob is a very feminine hairstyle. It is easy to achieve if your hair is naturally wavy. The style is also very flattering due to its disheveled look, which adds a softness to your facial features. For the ultimate tousled lob, use sea salt spray to create a textured look without using heat.


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