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How to Use Press of Atlantic City Obituaries to Do a Family Tree Search

If you’re looking to do a family tree search, the Press of Atlantic City obituaries are the perfect place to start. This archive of obituaries is available in full text on their website. The press has 150 years of history, and a search can be performed by first or last name, school, town, or other criteria. In addition, you can filter results by year and exclude keywords.

One of the most important benefits of reading Press of Atlantic City obituaries is that you can find information on other relatives. You may even be able to confirm if you have the correct person in Atlantic City. For this reason, a family history research guide is a great way to get started. The press obituaries are also a great source for genealogical research, so it’s worth downloading it for free.

While you can find many other types of obituaries in the Atlantic City Press, it’s important to be aware that some of them contain varying amounts of information. For example, some obituaries are genealogical gold mines, since they list names, dates of birth, place of death, and marriage information. In addition, Atlantic City press obituaries also provide information about relatives, so they can be an important part of tracing a family’s bloodline.

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