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Best Paying Jobs In Public Utilities


What are the best paying jobs in public utility companies? Here are a few examples. For more information, see the jobs description below. All jobs listed are highly-skilled and rewarding. For more information on what types of public utilities companies pay their employees, please click on the titles. There are many types of public utilities, including power, gas, and water. Public utility companies offer many different career paths, and they can be quite rewarding.

Electric engineer

Electric engineers design and implement the systems and devices that utilize electricity. Because of this, they must have a keen understanding of electricity. In addition, electrical engineers are often required to design protocols, research alternative energy sources, and improve the safety of products. These engineers often work in teams to solve complex problems. They also inspect completed projects to ensure that they adhere to design standards. An electrical engineer may work in government agencies, private businesses, or nonprofit organizations.

Hydro-meteorological technician

A hydro-meteorological technician’s work is critical for the weather forecasts and forecasting services that public utilities provide. These professionals work around the clock to help people prepare for bad weather. Although they may work 12-hour shifts, they might also work weekends and during holidays. Generally, they work normal business hours of 9am-5pm, but in some cases, they may be required to work in extreme conditions such as remote locations.

Reservoir engineering advisor

A reservoir engineering advisor is responsible for managing the extraction of relic fuel reserves by designing and developing detailed plans for underground drilling. Reservoir engineering advisors often work with geoscientists to create 3D models of underground reservoirs. Their salaries typically range from $85,000 to $150,000 a year, though they can make much more in central metro areas. This job requires excellent communication, teamwork, and presentation skills.

Substation engineer

A substation engineer is responsible for the design, construction, and maintenance of power substations. They oversee engineering software and work with project team members to meet client requirements. Substation engineers must be highly technical and have at least a high school degree. Some employers require that candidates hold a college degree and have several years of experience before applying for a substation engineer job. If you’re interested in this profession, a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering is required.

Utility director

The salary for a Utility Director in the United States is $121,641. This includes bonuses of up to 6% of the salary, which makes the role one of the best paying in the public utilities industry. The median salary for a Utility Director is $119211, while the highest-paid directors earn more than $146,186 in San Francisco. There are a variety of utility director jobs, and a few of them require a Master’s degree to become a Utility Director.

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