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Car City Leasing Contracts

Car City is a family owned and operated CARFAX Certified Dealer. Whether you’re in the market for a new or used car, you can trust the experts at Car City to make the repairs you need. Car City’s Vehicle Service Contract will take care of any issues covered by your warranty. Whether you’re financing or paying cash, Car City can help you with your automotive needs.


Car City is a CARFAX-certified, CARFAX-advanced dealer that provides free carfax reports for all of its vehicles. The dealership strives to provide customers with full disclosure, so they can make an informed decision about the vehicle they choose. The company also has a three-day exchange policy on all vehicles.

Certified pre-owned vehicles have passed rigorous evaluation processes and meet certain standards. There are two types of certification: those that come from the manufacturer and those offered by dealers. Both of these programs are trusted by used car buyers. Certified pre-owned vehicles come with a Carfax report, which is a comprehensive history report of the car. It provides valuable information such as title history, flood damage history, odometer readings, and even lemon history.

CARFAX is the most trusted resource for pre-owned cars and trucks. CARFAX one-owner pre-owned vehicles meet higher standards than other pre-owned vehicles. For instance, a certified pre-owned Ford vehicle is guaranteed to have only one previous owner and be under warranty by the manufacturer.

Car City is a family owned business

As a family-owned business, Car City is dedicated to exceeding customers’ expectations. Its sales and service staff are transparent about the vehicles they sell, and they use ********* to ensure that all vehicles are in good condition. The report did not reveal a history of accidents, significant damage, or any other problems. In addition, the lease agreement states clearly the length of the lease and the monthly payment. The leasing contract also discloses that the used vehicle is being leased as-is.

The company has been in business for eight decades, and thousands of ad agencies, photographers, and videographers have visited the facility. Georgia Public Television has also broadcast press releases and videos about the business. Its president, Dean Lewis, welcomes visitors and invites them to stroll the winding pathways. Bring your camera and capture the magic of this unique experience.

Car City repairs issues covered by the Vehicle Service Contract

Vehicle service contracts provide protection for repairs to your car after the warranty period ends. These plans are offered by dealerships and third-party providers and can cost less than the original warranty. Each contract offers different levels of coverage. Some do not cover routine maintenance, such as tire replacements or oil changes, while others provide the same coverage as the original warranty.


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