CoinMarketCap Launches Rank of Countries Accepting Crypto as Legal Tender. Here's What it Means – U.Today

November 21, 2021 by No Comments

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, on his Twitter page, said the analytical service CoinMarketCap will start to rank countries that accept crypto as legal tender.
I heard @CoinMarketCap will start to rank countries that accept #crypto as legal tender. ?
Twitter users reminded Zhao the CoinMarketCap service belongs to the Binance exchange and is essentially CZ itself.
Some other users advised to simplify the acquiring of cryptocurrency process instead of creating a rating, and also appealed to the exchange head with their complaints about delays in its work.
It’s still very difficult to buy crypto
Easy version for buying costs to much
Cex is difficult dex is much more difficult
You are losing a lot just learning the steps
Make it easy for people is a big evolution
Can Tech guys think like non tech people ? I think they cant for now.
Additionally, CZ subscribers have started offering their home countries as rank leaders.
The official CoinMarketCap Twitter account reposted CZ’s statement with a comment ‘To be continued…’.
To be continued… ?

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