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Come Through Her Lyrics


H.E.R. and Chris Brown’s Come Through Lyrics

H.E.R. and Chris Brown have collaborated to create a new single, Come Through, and the lyrics of the song were created to allow the singer’s emotions to come through her lyrics. The song is set to be released on 23 April 2021, so stay tuned! We will have the lyrics to Come Through Song here. We hope you enjoy! After all, it’s a great collaboration! Here are some of the lyrics you’ll want to hear.

Music allowed her emotions to come through her lyrics

Whitney Houston released a song titled So Emotional from her 1987 album Whitney. The song was written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly and was the third single from the album. It’s easy to see why Whitney was so affected by the song. Whitney Houston’s lyrics were powerful and relatable. The song affected the listener’s brain. It triggered emotional responses in the brain regions called the anterior cingulate cortex, inferior frontal gyrus, middle temporal gyrus, parahippocampal gyrus, superior frontal sulcus, transverse temporal sulcus, and posterior cingulate cortex.

Chris Brown ft. H.E.R.

Chris Brown’s latest release, “Come Together,” features H.E.R and is the perfect buildup to the upcoming Indigo Season album. The two have previously worked together on the 2016 remix of H.E.R. “Come Together” was officially outdoored through RCA Records on 28 June 2019.

The song is a powerful protest anthem. Written and produced by Cardiak, the track is set to be released on April 23, 2021. The single is also the latest in Brown’s illustrious career. It was released under the RCA Records and MBK Entertainment label. The video was directed by director Spike Jonze and features the singers of “Sucker Punch” and “Baby Face” as well as other popular hip-hop artists.

“Damage” is the latest release from Chris Brown and H.E.R. The two have previously collaborated on the Grammy-nominated song “I Can’t Breathe.” Both H.E.R and Chris Brown have been in the spotlight for their work. Their collaboration on “Come Together” was one of the biggest moments of their careers. The song also debuted on the Billboard Hot R&B Songs chart last week.

The new single, “Come Through,” is a stunning collaboration between the two. The two artists have collaborated on a variety of songs in the past. Their previous collaborations, “Slide Remix” and “Come Together,” were both featured on Chris Brown’s Indigo album. Their next project, “Back of My Mind,” is expected to be released this year. Until the new album is released, here’s how to listen to “Come Through.”

‘Come Together’ is a romantic song starring H.E.R and Chris Brown. Both singers have been associated for quite a while, but their new collaboration is a love song. The song is the perfect soundtrack for a summer night in the cabin. Both of them know what they want and dance flirtatiously. The “Summertime” video is the perfect soundtrack to your next karaoke party!

Chris Brown ft. H.E.R released a new music video on Thursday. The video begins with a group of friends teasing H.E.R about a new song she is working on. Eventually, Chris Brown and H.E.R make a scene. The pair sing their new single “Come Through,” which has sultry vibes. The song will instantly send you into a blue-tinged room – but it turns warm orange soon after.

Collaboration with H.E.R.

Kane Brown recently teased his collaboration with H.E.R. on social media, teasing fans with a black-and-white video. The clip features the first snippet of “Blessed & Free,” which is slated to drop on September 30. The video was shared in light of Brown’s ongoing Blessed & Free Tour, which has been plagued by maintenance problems.

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