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Is the Twenty Minute Marketing Agency a Scam?


If you’re interested in business growth, you’ve probably come across the product called the
Twenty-Minute Marketing Agency.
However, are you concerned that this opportunity is a scam?
If so, read on to learn more about this opportunity and if it’s right for you. In this review, I’ll
share my thoughts on the product and the business opportunity that it promotes. By the time
you’ve finished reading this, you’ll know whether it’s a scam or a legitimate opportunity.
Josh Turner is the founder of the 20 Minute Marketing Agency
For those who have been wondering how to earn six figures per year as a freelance writer or
web designer, Josh Turner has the solution. The 20 Minute Marketing Agency is a systemized
method for generating leads and clients. The program will have you generating six figures by

  1. You’ll have the time to pursue your passions or pursue your dreams, not deal with
    drudgery and overwhelm.

    Josh Turner started LinkedSelling in 2011 and it has since been named to the Inc. 500 list. His
    company has taught over 500,000 business owners and entrepreneurs to generate over $1
    billion in client sales. He is also a Wall Street Journal best-selling author and the founder of
    Connect 365, a sales automation platform. Josh Turner is a self-made millionaire and is a
    proud member of the Entrepreneurs Organization.
    Before starting his own business, Josh was a freelance CFO. He worked for small businesses
    and gained a loyal client base through LinkedIn. Josh then went on to expand his business
    worldwide, using various online platforms to generate leads. The business now has more than
    a dozen employees based in St. Louis. You can reach Josh through his website or LinkedIn
    profile. The 20 Minute Marketing Agency team is based in St. Louis, Missouri.

    Josh Turner has been on Mixergy more than once. In fact, he was one of the first to talk about
    LinkedIn University. This program was created for people who want to leverage LinkedIn to
    generate leads for their businesses. Josh Turner is also a Wall Street Journal bestselling
    author. He also founded Connect 365, an outbound lead generation platform. These are just
    some of Josh Turner’s accomplishments and what you can expect from the 20 Minute
    Marketing Agency.
    As a musician, Josh Turner has a deep passion for traditional country music. He has been a
    member of the Nashville Opry for over ten years and recently celebrated his 150th Opry
    performance. In addition to being a member of the Nashville Music Hall of Fame, Josh Turner
    recently released his first book. His passion for music led him to pursue songwriting and
    performance as a profession, and he now encourages music education and promotes music

    To reach out to his target audience, Josh Turner offers a variety of free content. You can listen
    to his podcast, create a LinkedIn group and invite people to join his Facebook group. You can
    also send emails that are personalized and sound like personal messages. These techniques
    can be extremely effective in generating leads. Josh Turner also provides tips on how to create
    an email newsletter, which includes a list of targeted prospects.
    Josh Turner is a business growth opportunity
    For those interested in the future of marketing, Josh Turner is a great business growth
    opportunity. Josh began his career as a finance manager while he was pursuing his MBA from
    Boa Construction. This position allowed him to be the chief financial officer of three large
    companies at the same time. In 2010, Josh left his position at Boa to join Gateway CFO
    Solutions as Managing Member until December 2012. Since then, Josh has been helping
    businesses grow on LinkedIn. His team is based out of St. Louis, Missouri.

    LinkedSelling is an internet marketing agency that helps small businesses generate leads
    using LinkedIn. Josh also operates a training program for LinkedIn called Linked University.

Josh is a frequent learner and thought leader in the field of entrepreneurship. He previously
worked as the CFO for a $23 million construction company before launching his own company
in 2011.
Josh Turner’s 20-Minute Marketing Agency is a scam
In the world of business training, the latest product that has come to market is the 20 Minute
Marketing Agency. Developed by Connect365, the program teaches its students how to attract
and service clients. As a new system, it aims to capitalize on current business trends.
Founded by Josh Turner, a successful entrepreneur, the 20 Minute Marketing Agency is a
relatively low-cost, easy-to-follow training system.
There are many scams online. Several fake sites have popped up claiming to be the 20 Minute
Marketing Agency. Before subscribing to this program, it is crucial to make a thorough
research of the company. The truth is, these fake websites are a result of software. These
sites are distributed all over the internet. The main goal of 20 Minute Marketing Agency is to
make you a 6-figure income in twenty minutes. But is this program a scam?


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