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Lyrics to Are You That Somebody


Are You That Somebody Lyrics

Are you looking for the lyrics of Are You That Somebody by Ariana Grande? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled the best lyrics to this song from the best sources on the Internet. The lyrics are credited to the user Bsparxxx2002. You can also check the video below. We have added the lyrics to the video thanks to Bsparxxx2002. Hopefully, these will help you understand the meaning of this song better.

Music video for Are You That Somebody?

The song “Are You That Somebody” features the late great Aaliyah, who died in a plane crash in 2001. The song’s title comes from the baby giggle that she is most well-known for. Jeremy D. Larson, the author of the book “Aaliyah: The Story of the Baby Giggle,” wrote about her journey to discover her true self. Producer Timbaland wrote the song in four hours.

Thanks to a user named Bsparxxx2002 for adding these lyrics

There’s a reason that this song has such strong sentiments. In 2008, Ed Sheeran wrote “There’s no one like you,” a song he performed at The Beatles’ 50th Anniversary Show. This song is dedicated to a friend or someone who is emotional support for you. The narrator calls this person his “rock”, someone who lifts him out of despair and helps him get through tough times.


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