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Tennessee High School Football Player


Tennessee High School Football Players

If you want to watch a top Tennessee high school football player, this is the place to be. There’s no shortage of talented players from the state. There’s Hayden, Glenn Greene, Zaevion William Dobson, and Trevor Duncan to name a few. Each of these players has a story of their own and their talents are well-known in the region.

Hayden is a tennessee high school football player

Hayden is a Tennessee high school football standout who has earned numerous accolades and offers. During his prep career, he played tight end and defensive line. He has enough skill to contribute on both sides of the ball, but spent most of his spring drills working at tight end. That’s a position Tech has a lot of depth at, and Hayden will fit in well there.

Hayden’s size and athleticism are appealing for colleges. He stands 5’11” and weighs 160 pounds, which makes him a versatile weapon in the passing game. His arm strength is excellent, and he can throw the football out to 50+ yards with great accuracy. He is also a sharp shooter at short/intermediate range.

Trevor Duncan is a tennessee high school football player

Trevor Duncan is a talented high school football player from Tennessee who has been ranked among the best high school football prospects in the state. He is a four-star prospect according to Rivals and is ranked number 24 in the country at his position. He is also the sixth-best prospect from Tennessee. He has also been ranked a three-star prospect by 247 Sports. As a junior, he has already received numerous offers from college football programs.

Although Trevor plays on both sides of the field for Knoxville Catholic High School, he prefers to play defensive line. He is also a highly-competitive player and has always been competitive. Trevor Duncan’s older brother Cody played at Virginia Tech for two seasons. Their father has coached them both in their high school careers, and they both have competitive personalities that make for great teammates and athletes.

Glenn Greene is a tennessee high school football player

The Tennessee high school football recruiting process has begun, with a number of star prospects vying for a limited number of spots. Despite this glut of talent, Glenn Greene, a 6-foot-2 field general from Memphis, has already proven his worth. He threw for 1,576 yards and 23 touchdowns in his junior season, and he’s on target to become an Ohio State Buckeye after his senior season. In addition to a proven talent on the field, Greene also has some very valuable football smarts, which can be hard to find in the NFL. He’s also pledged to join the University of Cincinnati Bearcats after graduating.

Other players to watch include Adam Caudle, A.J. Stewart, all from Greeneville. Among the quarterbacks, Kyle Johnson of Chattanooga Central and Anderson County’s Trey Foster are both rated highly by their college coaches. While these players are all very good, the state has some other players that can make a major impact on the state of Tennessee football.

Zaevion William Dobson was a tennessee high school football player

Two men have been arrested in the shooting death of Zaevion William Dobson, a high school football player from Knoxville, Tennessee. Dobson, who was shielding three young girls from gunfire, died as a result of the shooting spree. The two suspects, Christopher Bassett and Richard Williams, are each being held on $1 million bail.

Zaevion Dobson was just 15 years old when he was killed while protecting three girls from the gunfire in Knoxville, Tennessee. Friends of Dobson say he had good character. His death has devastated his family, but they know he died for a good cause. Dobson’s death has inspired people to work to reduce gun violence in their communities.

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