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Toddler Goes on a $2k Walmart Shopping Spree


Toddler Goes on a $2k Walmart Shopping Spree

Is it a sign of technological advancement that your toddler is getting increasingly smarter with technology? Maybe it’s the accidental click of a “place order” button, or a rogue click of the mouse – or perhaps it was the two-day-old toddler who accidentally locked his dad out of his iPad for 48 hours. The couple had been receiving delivery after delivery from Walmart, and their son Ayaansh had even accidentally accessed his cart on Walmart’s website. Before you know it, he had already completed checkout for nearly two thousand dollars worth of furniture.

rogue click of a “place order” button

It’s not uncommon for toddlers to be more tech savvy than their parents. They’ve accidentally live-streamed mom while she’s in the shower, or locked Dad out of his iPad for 48 years. In a recent case, a toddler named Ayaansh accidentally clicked on a “place order” button, accessed a shopping cart on Walmart’s website, and completed checkout for close to $2000 in furniture. The incident is a classic case of child safety.

rogue click of a “place order” button causes a $2k walmart shopping spree for toddler

A rogue click of a “place” button on a toddler’s iPhone has sent a family of three on a shocking shopping spree. Ayaansh accidentally ordered items for his parents’ new home and even a couple of accent chairs. The entire shopping spree cost the family close to $2,000.

parents’ reaction to toddler’s shopping spree

After a toddler’s $2,000 Walmart shopping spree, proud parents are shocked by what their toddler has done. Toddler ordered furniture worth $1,700 and put an order for delivery. Family estimates that 75 percent of the items were delivered and only 25 percent were not. Luckily, Walmart will refund them for what they’ve ordered, and the family plans to install passcodes on their phones and delete their credit card information.

The incident is one of many illustrating the dangerous power of technology in toddlers. Increasingly adept at using mobile devices, toddlers have accidentally live-streamed their mother’s shower and locked dad out of his iPad for 48 years. After receiving endless deliveries from Walmart, Pramod and Madhu Kumar’s toddler accidentally hit a button to “place an order.” He accessed his full cart on Walmart’s website and checked out the nearly $2,000 worth of furniture.

A New Jersey mom found out that her toddler had spent $1,700 on online purchases. She was in the process of purchasing furniture for her new home when she noticed a steady stream of Walmart packages. She said her son Ayaansh loves playing with her phone. But she was shocked when she spotted that her toddler had spent so much money on the furniture she didn’t even need.

After her son returned home, Madhu and Pramod questioned who ordered the items. But it turned out that Ayaansh had accidentally ordered items for his parents’ new home. The toddler also bought several items for their own home, including flower stands, accent chairs, and other household goods. Although the incident is embarrassing, the parents plan to keep the items and lock the contents of the car.


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