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Why is #Pence Trending on Twitter in the United States?


Why is #Pence Trending on Twitter in the United States?

This week in the United States, the top trending topic on Twitter was not due to any fresh threats but to a video from a U.S. Capitol riot, in which protesters chanted a phrase over again. This phrase has been trending ever since. What did it mean to the American public?


The debate about which Marvel film is better is heating up on Twitter. With both Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame claiming the top spot, Twitterati are divided in their opinion. And while Thanos may be the biggest fan of Avengers: Infinity War, Twitterati have other contenders in their race to be the best Marvel film.

The movie is a huge hit with fans worldwide and has already grossed 1.2 billion dollars worldwide. The upcoming sequel, Avengers: Endgame, is slated to conclude the series. The first movie, Avengers: Infinity War, began the battle to save half the universe. After all, the first film broke records with more than $1.6 billion in box-office revenue.


After scoring twice for Barcelona in a preseason friendly against Juventus, Ousmane Dembele’s celebration has gone viral. During the game, the forward pretended to sleep on his hands to celebrate. The goal was immortalized by Stephen Curry in the NBA. He used the same celebration in a game against the Boston Celtics and the Denver Nuggets.

The video has ruffled feathers. Some people have accused Dembele of racism, along with his teammate Antoine Griezmann. It is unclear when the video was posted. The incident came shortly after France’s elimination from the World Cup.


The hashtag #Pence is trending on Twitter in the United States. The phrase was started by people who supported President Donald Trump and believed that Pence would hang Trump. They even built a makeshift gallows and tied a noose to a camera cord. They claimed that the vice president betrayed President Trump by not overturning the election results.

The threatening phrase has been taken down. It no longer appears on the Twitter Trending USA site. The reason for this is that Twitter prohibits the glorification of violence and hate speech. The phrase first surfaced on the site after the riot in the Capitol. Several people were killed in the riot. A video of the incident shows the mob chanting “Hang Mike Pence.”


After the riot outside the Capitol on Wednesday in which five people were killed, Twitter has banned the term “Hang Mike Pence.” The term started trending on Wednesday after a MAGA mob chanted “Hang Mike Pence!” and strung up a noose. The phrase, along with the President’s tweets, were then banned by Twitter permanently.

The hashtag has spread to the United States, where it has risen to its highest level in the country. The chant started at the US Capitol, where a mob of protesters incited by the president’s supporters staged a putsch. Some of the protesters confronted law enforcement, and others were planning to kidnap lawmakers.


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