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Yes I Am Sana 1St Photobook Download


Yes I Am Sana 1st Photobook Download

Whether you are looking for a photobook or a DVD, there are many places to find them. Kpop stores have a huge selection of photobooks and many of them are also very affordable. You can also get the photobook from WithDrama, who will start pre-ordering for it on March 15. There are regular photobook and video call event options for fans to choose from.

Group orders

To download the Yes i am Sana 1st Photobook, you can visit the group order page of the official website. It’s open for pre-order starting March 15. You can either choose to order a regular photobook, or you can select the special video call event option. You can also pre-order a signed photobook from the artist. The price will vary depending on how many books you order.

Kpop stores

It’s not too late to get your Yes i am Sana 1st Photobook! Kpop stores have plenty of these books at good prices, and WithDrama has started pre-ordering theirs on March 15. You can purchase the regular photobook or opt for the special video call event. You can also find a group order for this one. Just make sure you follow all the instructions carefully and don’t forget to ask for proofs!

Accordion set

If you are interested in buying Yes i Am Sana’s first photobook, you have come to the right place. We’re talking about the first official photobook set from the popular K-pop singer. Not only is this a limited-edition photobook, but you’ll also get an accordion set and 2-card set. If you’re interested in purchasing this set, make sure you order as soon as possible. Sam’s deadline for the first batch is March 28, but this may change. He will close the first batch of orders once he has reached the 15-order mark. If you can’t wait that long, you can also order from Selina a.k.a. @wishingsana. She’s holding a group order too, and we’ll see proofs soon.

2-card set

You can pre-order the Yes I Am Sana 1st photobooks by joining Sam’s group order. They will be unsealed and include a 2-card set and accordion set. The deadline for Sam’s first batch is March 28, but it’s subject to change. The first batch is limited to 15 orders. You can also get a group order through Selina, a.k.a. @wishingsana. She has proofs and will be holding a group order.


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