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Zehabesha News Today

If you are interested in getting the latest zehabesha news, you have come to the right place. In this article, I’m going to show you where you can find the latest news about Ethiopia’s zehabesha, and why it’s important to read it. You will also learn more about what Shukshukta 2022 means and how it will affect your life.


ZeHabesha is a 24-page monthly newspaper in Amharic that covers news stories and opinion pieces of importance to the Ethiopian-American community. Its coverage of current events has ranged from President Trump’s recent immigration order to the hurricanes that hit Texas and Florida. While its print edition is distributed mostly at Ethiopian-owned businesses, ZeHabesha is now available in the Twin Cities metro area and beyond, with readers in Minnesota, South Dakota and Chicago.

The newspaper started out as a community newsletter in December, but now serves Ethiopians worldwide. The website provides news in both Amharic and English, and has several different sections on sports and entertainment. Its website also features video clips of Zehabesha in action. The website also features news, sports, and analysis on the latest events. The newspaper has become popular in Ethiopia, where many Ethiopians are now seeking to improve their quality of life.

zehabesha news

ZeHabesha is an Ethiopian-language daily newspaper that publishes opinion pieces and news stories in Amharic. Recent topics of discussion include the recent presidential order to restrict immigration and the hurricanes in Texas and Florida. The paper has grown in popularity over the past couple of years, doubled its circulation, and is distributed in the Twin Cities metro area, Rochester, South Dakota, Chicago, and other areas.

The newspaper has taken on a number of powerful government agencies and politicians in Ethiopia. For example, Ethiopian Airlines recently filed a defamation lawsuit against ZeHabesha over its interviews on their YouTube channel. However, Henok has had some controversy in the past. He was arrested multiple times by the Ethiopian government when he was a teenager, and the government sued him for defamation in 12 separate cases.

zehabesha daily news

You can read more about Ethiopian news on Zehabesha Daily News. Zehabesha carries news from all around the country, from politics to match analysis. It also carries news in amharic and covers health, entertainment, travel, sports, and human rights. Zehabesha aims to give its readers balanced news in their mother tongue. You can read about all the latest events in Ethiopian politics in the amharic version of the site.

You can also watch videos uploaded by different media companies and organizations. The Zehabesha daily news website hosts videos that are interesting and informative. The site’s team of journalists selects the best of these videos. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a general overview of Ethiopia, Zehabesha is well worth your time and attention. They also have special features on Ethiopian politics and culture. This means you’ll never miss a beat.

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For Ethiopian and Eritrean news, you can check out the Zehabesha daily news. Zehabesha is a trusted news source for all things ethiopian. In addition to ethiopia news, it also covers news from neighboring countries such as Sudan and Eritrea. The site is committed to providing news with an unbiased perspective.

The daily newspaper has a social media presence. Its Facebook page has over a million followers. This publication distributes to Ethiopian businesses in addition to online stores. It receives most of its revenue through advertising. However, readers may also find its articles interesting. In addition, the paper publishes opinion pieces and news in Amharic. The daily is also widely distributed in the Twin Cities metro area. It also has readers in South Dakota and Chicago.


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